Hair Dryer with Diffuser for Curly Hair

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Hair Dryer with Diffuser for Curly Hair

Double overheating protection

When the air duct is blocked or the temperature of the heating cable exceeds the safety limit, the hair dryer protects it from overheating twice, the power is automatically cut off and the temperature is lowered to the safety limit to restore power.
An overheat safety device will protect you and your family in unstable or extreme conditions.

Pure silver contact key

The hair dryer switch uses a clean silver contact wrench with good power and low resistance that can effectively reduce ignition and sparks.
The service life of professional hair dryer switches is up to 10 years.

ALCI safety plug and cord

The ALCI protection plug of the hair dryer automatically activates the leak protection function to ensure the safety of you and your family.
The 106-inch and thick professional hair dryer power cord is convenient for hairdressers for continuous operation without heat and deformation.

Two security nets

Two safety nets prevent hair from getting into the air duct equipped with a hair dryer, the hair dryer always works with high efficiency, is easy to clean and durable.
These professional hair dryers are ETL certified.


Hair Dryer with Diffuser for Curly Hair


A high quality professional variable electric motor dryer with a longer service life makes it worth the money. Low noise, long life and great wind are recommended by hairdressers.
The main component of a hair dryer is a tool. Professional-grade hair dryers are AC motors, more powerful, more stable output, longer life, but the price is 3 times more than a normal city motor, half for long thick hair enough to shorten the drying time.

Powerful: Professional salon hair dryer uses alternating current motor with more powerful power, stable performance and long life. Although the cost is twice that of a permanent motor, the AC motor still provides strong and stable airflow, and even long and thick hair can be dried in 5 minutes without damage.

Blue light ion: unique blue light negative ion technology, millions of negative ions protect your scalp from heat damage, make hair smooth and moisturized, blue light radiation softens the condition of hair, reduces hair and makes it shine.

Experts: This hair dryer is designed for salons and has excellent quality performance. The 106-inch power cord can be easily moved. High temperature resistant nylon sheath and thicker power cable are suitable for long term continuous operation. The gift diffuser and 2 concentrators can be easily used in different styles. Highly recommended by a hair stylist.

Safety: 1875W, 110-125V voltage ETL certified hair dryer. In the event of an accidental overheating or short circuit, the ALCI safety plug and built-in overheat protector can protect you and your family. The removable double safety net at the air intake prevents accidental pinching of the hair.

Beautiful Steps: The Warmlife professional hair dryer has 2 speed (high and low) and 3 heat (cool and warm and hot) settings. To dry the roots of the hair quickly, first turn on the hot air, then blow dry the hair with warm air and blow dry 80% of the hair, and finally tighten and shape the details with cold air to preserve the hairstyle. The beauty is very simple.


 Salon Professional


Blue light is a negative ion

Negative ions produced by hair dryers smooth the hair and trap moisture. In addition, the hair can withstand high temperatures without harmful effects.
When equipping this professional hair dryer, the heat of the hair becomes softer, so the hair stays shiny and reduces frizz.
The cool blue light is amazing and crazy.

Diffusers and concentrators

The hair dryer is equipped with a professional diffuser and 2 sets of concentrators that can be easily used in different styles and is highly recommended by this hairstyle.
Concentrators are very suitable for straight and smooth hair for precise styling. The hair dryer concentrator helps to straighten all parts of the hair and make them shiny.
The diffuser is designed to improve natural curls and textures, especially wavy or curly hair.


The special nylon material of the dryer body is an excellent electrical insulation material that has good electrical insulation even in high humidity environment.
The hair dryer uses this special nylon material to double the compressive strength of the ABS and can withstand high temperatures of 302 ° F without deformation during experimental tests.


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